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Everyday Montessori at Home
Let's share what we can do at home.
One day, at snack table, Child A wanted to have chocolate milk. Child B and C wanted to have juice. So they pour them on their cups. They wanted to get rid of wrappers on both bottles to see how much they had and how much still there. So we did and looked at them.

Child A: "Half (of chocolate milk) is gone"
Child B and C: "Half (of juice) is gone."
Child A: "They are same."( meaning same amount left.)
                  (levels of both bottles on almost same height or little more milk)

Child B paused for a second and said, "Nooo, they are in different (bottles or volumes)"
All children paused and looked at me (asking for an answer, I guess)

Here is what we did.
  • Gave them a plenty of time to think and to discuss about it (the volume at their age level)
  • Brought two clear cups
  • Pointed that two cups were same cups so the volume should be same.
  • Have them pour leftover chocolate milk and juice.
  • Talked about that now "we can compare them in same cups"

Simple..All you need clear cups and intriguing question "Do you think you have more juice in your juice box? or my juice in a cup?"

You can try it at home.

                                 "See the difference?"
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Looked like more milk left in bottle but more juice left in same cups.
When we looked at on eye level with juice and milk, it was noticeable.